Where is the ideal spot to cut willows?

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Where is the ideal spot to cut willows? Which is better to OSRS gold reduce overall: willows or yews? If you want experience, choose willows. If you would rather money, cut yews. The best place to cut willows really depends on if you intend to drop them keep them. If you want to lender, cut Draynor. It is near a bank and has a number of trees. The only drawback is it is the most popular place to cut, and nearly every, if not every, planet is crowded. There are various other places to cut if you would like to shed your willows or do not mind a longer walk. Just northeast of Draynor that there are several trees that usually aren't very crowded.

As an alternative, you can cut near Rimmington, where some people sell their logs into the general store. In the futre, you should post any questions you have in the questions forum. You will receive more comments there. The Suggestions forum is not for getting suggestions from other players-It's used to post things you think would enhance the game.

Hi, I'm one of the people who must know what is happening around them (not people's company, no, I'm not nosy ) but how things work. And, I have been fletching willow longbows (u) and selling it to RuneScape gold buy overall shop seeing that no one will buy them at 83 gp ea anyway. So, I get 16 gp per willow extended (u) however, the store sells it for 64 gp ea. How does the overall store work?


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