I am returning to playing Runescape.

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I wish to RS3 gold have something that loks great for just doing skills like fishing cooking mineing smithing ect. . Also I want a good set of gear for training. I currentally am traing at a spot where no ever is and I will make good money so im not planning to provide position. Cash is prob atm but not for long I've 43 coal and 4 uncuts saphs, 3 emeralds 3 rubies and 2 dimonds together with alot of runes so im believing the price range around 100k to 300k is great. Im f2p from the way. Also what range/mage lvl should I receive my def around 40?

After about a year off, I am returning to playing Runescape. I'm kind of overwhelmed by all of the new items. I left just when they introduced farming partly because I believe farming is dull, and my bank accounts was totally filled up with all these seeds. Anyhow, I've converted most of the things in my own bank to cash in the GX. I've about 1.8m gold. For armor, I still have a complete blue Dragon and Total Rune Set. I have a magical bow and a rune scimmy for the principal weapons. My total level is 941 and my greatest combat ability is Ranged in 53. My highest moneymaking skills are fishing, mining, and cooking.

I've all the easier quests from a year or two ago, but there's a lot of quests I do not have , but the quests that I'd left when I stopped playing seemed really hard. It seems like there has been a few easier ones added since. I can not go back to enjoying 8-10 hours a week. But I'd like to play a bit when I've the time. I really don't think any of my old online friends are about anymore. What quests would you go on, what things do you get? What skills do you train? Are any of those new skills fun to train? Can I join a clan? Please allow me to know if you have some guidance for me. Here are my stats.

Okay I always like to clarify my articles. I've been doing quests for weeks now and currently I am 83 combat. Most of us understand the requirements for the cape. I want some combat requirements. I want to possess 59 slayer and be at least 85 battle (which is known as lowest level for pursuit cape). Those are my current combat abilities. I still want them to be in the need but still be at 85-87 combat with 59 slayer. I could use magic and range on my slayer tasks. Thats just one way. Still any other tips? By the OSRS Gold For Sale way I got 200 exploration points. Oh yea this is edit. Forgot, I have 36 slayer from the way.


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