I will preface this

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Same would happen if it had been Epic or Activision. In case CDPR, Valve or any other cherished company did exactly the same, remarks would be completely different. Edit: Sony did exactly the exact same and the overall reception on those remarks are largely positive. Stay refreshing, Reddit. I don't think so. If their main customer base is African American is does not make sense to market to them at the moment. As they won't be spending right now, as games is not on there heads at this time. Not about honor imo. More or less they're not moving into the stores right now to make purchases. Now using marketing they can utilize this as a show of mut coins madden 21 solidarity with this marketplace. A wonderful gesture, but are not these the same people who dared Colin Kaepernick's title out of a song in a few of the previous Madden games?

I will preface this by saying I don't think that it's a terrible thing for them to bring awareness to the issue. It is important that it can't just be dismissed by taking a look from it. With that said, I do hold a certain amount of distrust towards multi-billion dollar multinational corporations paying lip service to significant social issues. Obviously, as a capitalist business they are under no obligation to do so, and it rings hollow when they attempt to buy Mut 21 coins stand in solidarity with all the ordinary people. Currently there are businesses out there that do things and this is the opportunity to emphasize those attempts; to show that they're more than simply words.


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