Since you've selected the S'quirk procedure

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I am taking RS gold a look at a manual for it right now, and I am trying to figure it out. I want the thieving XP, not herblore or anything else, simply max out my thieving. So just what do I do? Can I crush the fruit? Or not? The objective is to use nooks, crannies and convenient holes in hedges to hide from being faced at directly by the Spirits. Then, at the end of the maze, you will hit the Garden. The Garden consists of 2 parts: An herb patch plus also a S'quirk tree. S'quirk will give you Thieving XP, while Herbs can make you money.

Since you've selected the S'quirk procedure, here's what you need: 5 S'quirk for Winter, 4 S'quirk for Spring, 3 S'quirk for Summer, two S'quirk for Fall. As soon as you have them, choose a vacant Beer glass (it's possible to craft it from Molten Glass, purchase a beer and drink it, or pick the easy way: Go back to the Apprentice's house and steal one from her shelves) and a Pestle and Mortar, use the Pestle Mortar on a fruit, and create the S'quirk Juice.

Hey I am currently confused about what stats and such I should have before becoming a part. And also how much money I must have. If you can, can you reccomend what stats to level and why. Also, if you could speed my accont form 1-10, I would appreciate it. The two ways I make money are: Purchasing 200 coal and 100 iron ore (roughly 46k) and smelting into 100 steel bars and selling for 62.5k in the Grand Exchange. And selling them at the Grand Exchange. If you could also tell me the way to make money, I'd appreciate it. I've read Sal's money making guide over and over, I just don't find any helpful tips. Again Thank you beforehand.

Earlier, I had been studying the salms kingdom guides and watched the treasure trails manual, I havent done among these in so long, so I picked up my scimmy and started killing guards. About (litterally) 300-400 guards after I received a level two suggestion scroll, hurah! I discovered the first clue no issue but then I discovered a co-ordinates one, lazy as I am, I googled the co-ordinates to find it had been under the altar in rimmington, I chose my spade there - no sign of itafter (litterally) 20 minuites of googling I found out buy OSRS gold that I needed an opinion and some other stuff that I havent got around to yet.


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